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Apiary Chores for October
Complete your varroa treatments.
Each colony requires about 45 lbs. Of carbohydrate plus pollen.  
If colony supplies are low, feed your bees 2:1 sugar/water.
Feeding fondant outside the hive, in an area away from the hive, is a useful supplement.  
While temperatures are >60 degrees, keep checking your hive beetle traps.
Turn your entrance reducers to the smaller size hole.
Remain aware of possible robbing.
Begins February 21, 2015

The 2015 New Beekeepers Classes are held in conjunction with The Bee School
Location: Same location as our meetings- lower level of the Agriculture Building which is adjacent to the Old Court House in the center of Yanceyville, NC.  Parking is behind the Old Court House.  Google Map.
The class will meet each Saturday morning 8:00 to 11:30 a.m.
Class Dates: From February 21 through March 28, 2015
Cost is $75 for adults, $55 for youth ages 12 through 15 (youth must attend class with a parent or guardian)
Seat Reservation is $5     Class Sign Up
Contact email:
Pictured left is a metal garbage can lid with two fondant patties.
Sugar on the left side and toward the center of the lid is the remains of other pieces of fondant that did not get inverted during the fondant making process. The foragers remain on the fondant until it is eventually consumed, usually one day per pound.
Below the lid sits 3 lbs. of fresh fondant completely covered by opportunistic foragers.
The patty-mound was placed exactly as it was poured from the pan onto the waxed freezer wrap, and then onto the pedestal the night before.
During the cool night, moisture condensates into the fondant, and thus the bees are better able to utilize the moist fondant. Placing fondant in the warm sunlight is also beneficial to early morning foragers.

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